April 18, 2020


What is Dakotathon?

Dakotathon is a yearlong fundraiser for Children's Miracle Network that all culminates with a 24 hour marathon on April 13th, 2019. At this marathon we welcome Miracle Children from around the region on to the University of South Dakota’s campus to spend the entire time with us learning a dance, playing games, listening to concerts, magicians, and hypnotists, eating a bunch of food and much more! The point of the event it to show the Miracle Children the time of their lives away from their normal routine of clinical visits and checkups of that sort.

The organization part of Dakotathon deals with the Executive Team planning and organizing fundraisers both on and off campus throughout the year – those who sign up to participate in the Marathon are asked and encouraged to attend these fundraisers. Additionally, those who sign up are asked to raise a personal fundraising goal of $184. While this number may seem intimidating at first, our Executive Team has numerous fundraising tips and tricks that they will be sharing with you and you have all year to reach this goal!

Last year Dakotathon had over 633 students participate and raised over $184,000 for Children’s Miracle Network!!! This year’s fundraising goal is $200,000 – please sign up and help us reach that goal!!