Exec Team

Jackson Shriver

External Overall Co-Chair

Hello! My name is Jackson Shriver and I am a Senior Medical Biology and Psychology double major.

This will be my fourth year participating in Dakotathon! My first two years I participated as a dancer and last year I became a member of the executive team as a Sponsorship Chairman! I am very excited to be the External Overall Chairman this year and help lead this amazing organization!

I love seeing the excitement amongst the families and the miracle children’s faces on the Day Of! I dance for a future where kids can just be kids! I can’t wait to make this year's Dakotathon the best one yet! FTK!

Brooke Daane

Internal Overall Co-Chair

Hello! My name is Brooke Daane and I am a senior studying Philosophy and Criminal Justice! I am from Sioux City, IA and this is my fourth year participating in Dakotathon.

Over the past three years on USD’s campus, I have joined and participated in numerous organizations and activities and nothing has given me the same joy and excitement as Dakotathon. From being a dancer, to a morale captain, to serving as Co-Entertainment Chair on the Exec Board, my passion for this organization has grown immensely. I am sad to be starting my last year on Exec, but I am so excited to be serving as this year's Internal Overall Chair!

I dance so that kid’s and their families feel loved and supported by those who don’t even know them. You can help make that happen by joining Dakotathon or by donating! Hope you see you in April! HAPPY DM :)

Jacob Meyer

Events Co-Chair

My name is Jacob Meyer and I am one of the co-chairman of Events and Fundraising for Dakotathon 2019!! I am a Senior from Brookings, South Dakota and am majoring in Elementary Education, currently spending my year as a student teacher. 

This is my fourth year in Dakotathon! My freshman year, I participated as a dancer and fell in love with the organization! Sophomore year I decided to get more involved and moved into the role of dance captain! I had an incredible experience working as Recruitment Chairman on Exec for Dakotathon 2018, and cant wait to get started on things this year! 

I dance because kids deserve to be kids, not fighting these battles! #ForTheKids

Conrad Adam

Sponsorship Co-Chair

Hello! My name is Conrad Adam, and I’m a senior Finance major from Pierre, South Dakota. This is my fourth year participating in Dakotathon, and I can’t get enough! I am thrilled to serve as one of this year’s Sponsorship chairs. It is an honor to contribute to the executive committee for a second year, and I’m looking forward to working with many new faces. For me, Dakotathon is the most inspiring and unforgettable way to spend 24-hours. As a former childhood cancer patient at Sanford Children’s Hospital, I have witnessed the impact that Dakotathon has on families battling life-altering obstacles. Being able to give back has been extremely meaningful to me, and I strongly encourage everyone to participate. We can make a bigger difference together! FTK!!

Libby Bullerdick

Sponsorship Chair

Hi! My name is Libby Bullerdick, I am a junior Marketing and Strategic Communications double major from Omaha Nebraska. This will be my third year participating in Dakotathon; the past 2 years I've been a dancer and this year I am serving as one of the three Sponsorship Chairs!

I am very involved on campus, but I wanted to get more involved with Dance Marathon after seeing the impact it has made on the miracle kids and their families. I love everything this organization stands for and nothing makes me happier than seeing how excited the kids are on the Day Of and seeing everyone’s hard work pay off. Growing up with 3 siblings has given me the best childhood memories I could ever ask for. Therefore, I dance so that these miracle kids can have their childhood back and be kids again!

Already counting down the days until the happiest day of the year, see you in April!

Tyler Jorgensen

Finance Chair

Hello everyone! My name is Tyler Jorgensen, or TJ for short! I am senior from Tea SD, studying Computer Science and Math!

This will be my third year apart of Dakotathon. My first year I participated as a Dancer not knowing much about Dance Marathon or the cause it supported. It was a life changing experience to say the least and the next year I was fortunate enough to get to participate as a morale captain alongside my miracle child, Adyson! This year I have been given the opportunity to serve as the Finance Chair for the Dakotathon Executive team. I am super excited and cannot wait to continue growing this great organization!

I dance so that our miracle children have an opportunity to grow up and chase their dreams!

Adam Palmer

Event Fundraising Co-Chair

Hey, all!! I’m Adam Palmer, and I’m a Senior majoring in Business Marketing from Brookings, SD. I became involved in Dakotathon my freshman year as a Dancer, then as a Morale Captain my sophomore year. Last year, I was one of the Co-Recruitment chairs and I’m excited to be back again but this time as one of the Co-Events/Fundraising Chairs! My favorite aspect of Dakotathon is getting the opportunity to be a part of something bigger than myself. It is an amazing experience getting to see the smiles on the families and children’s faces during the day which is why I dance for the hopeful families. Whether you are a freshman or even a senior in college, I highly encourage you to join us for the Best Day of The Year. It’s all FTK!!!"

Meghan Kunkel

Event Fundraising Co-Chair

Hi everyone! My name is Meghan Kunkel and I am a Senior at USD studying Strategic Communications and Entrepreneurship. I am this year's Events & Fundraising Co Chair!

This will be my third year participating in Dakotathon, I participated the last two years as a dancer and absolutely fell in love with this organization. I can honestly say this organization touches not only the lives of the families it supports but all the students who participate as well. It’s amazing to see so much love in one room on the day of! I’m very excited to be working alongside the amazing Adam Palmer this year..we have some exciting things planned so get ready to FUNdraise! woohoo!

I dance so families know they don't have to fight alone and for those who didn’t get a chance to keep fighting!

Hunter Milner

Technology Chair

Hey everyone, my name is Hunter, and I am a sophmore from Sioux City, Iowa. Last year I participated as a dancer for this amazing thing called Dakotathon. That 24 hours was long but worth every bit of sweat for sure. I decided I had to get more involved with the organization, so I decided to test myself by trying to be a part of the Executive team. Here I am this year, as the 2018 Dakotathon Technology Chair. I dance for the kids who became my role models last year, and every child like them out in the world.


Jenna Heilman

Marketing Co-Chair

Happy DM, Everyone! My name is Jenna Heilman and I am this year's Co-Marketing Chair for Dakotathon!


I am a senior from Miller, South Dakota, majoring in Marketing at the University of South Dakota. This year, I am honored to serve as the Co-Marketing Chair on the Executive Board! Previously, I have participated in Dakotathon as a Dancer, Morale Captain, and Co-Recruitment Chair on the Executive Board.


Being a part of Dakotathon is such a humbling experience, and of course, being able to see the smiles of everyone involved in the movement is my favorite part! Being a part of something bigger than yourself is an experience unlike any other. I strongly encourage you to participate in Dakotathon this year because it is an experience you will never forget! I dance for the cutest kiddos on Earth, why do you?

Jordan Cushman

Marketing Co-Chair

Hello! My name is Jordan Cushman and I am a senior Strategic Communications major from Jackson MN.

From the first year I participated in Dakotathon, I knew I would be participating every year for the rest of my undergraduate career. I have been a member of Dakotathon for the past 3 years, where I was able to take on the role of a dancer and as a member of the Logistics crew. I am currently fortunate to represent Dakotathon as the Co-Marketing Chair. Dakotathon has been the most inspiring and moving experience I have had in college. It has been the most inclusive organization I have experienced during my 3 years at USD and I truly believe those who do not participate are missing out on a wonderful experience for an even better cause.

I dance to make Dakotathon the best day of the year and for all the smiles Dakotathon creates.

Rachel Blackmun

Morale Co-Chair

Hey guys! My name is Rachel Blackmun and I am a junior Kinesiology and Exercise Science Major on the track for physical therapy from Groton, SD. This will be my third year participating in Dakotathon and I look forward to one of the best days of the year all year long. I started out as a dancer my freshman year, and fell in love with this organization and the kids involved, which lead me to be a Moral Captain this past year. This coming year I have the honor to be on the Executive board as your Co-Morale chair showing off my dance moves for the Big Day. I absolutely love this organization and what we do for these kids, to be able to let them just be kids again hanging out with all of us college kids trying to brighten their day even if only for 24 hours. It is truly inspiring to see what we can do to help Children’s Miracle Network help these kids fight for their lives to be kids. I dance to turn all those beautiful smiles into contagious laughter day after day!

Quincy Score

Morale Co-Chair

Hello Everyone! My name is Quincy Score and I am a senior Business Administration major from Sioux Falls, SD. My senior year will be my fourth year participating in Dakotathon and I couldn't be happier to have made the executive team in my final year. Freshman year I started as a dancer, sophomore and junior year I was a morale captain. Last year I was given the opportunity to be apart of the first Hype Homie group as well! I've been dancing my butt off the last three years and it landed me a spot as the Co-Morale Chair! I am very excited to work with this group and I know we will come together and dance so that we can help all the kids in the Children's Miracle Network continue to fight on!

Madison Michels

Hello! My name is Madison Michels and I am a Senior at the University of South Dakota. I am a Health Science major from Sioux Falls, SD. This is my fourth year being involved in Dakotathon. My freshman year I was a dancer, sophomore year I was on the executive board as the Family Relations Chair, last year I was one of the Events/Fundraising Co-Chairs, and this year I am happy to be one of the High School Dance Marathon Co-Chairs! Dakotathon holds a special place in my heart because I love being apart of something that helps make a difference in others lives and because I have gotten to know a lot of families in which Dakotathon directly impacts. Not only do we help make a difference in the kids' and their families lives, but they also impact our lives by helping us realize how lucky we all are and help us remember the important things in life. I dance for many reasons, but especially for more "I love yous" and for the ones who are in heaven. FTK!!

Halle Randall

Entertainment Co-Chair

Hello everyone! My name is Halle Randall and I am this year’s Co-Entertainment Chair! I am a junior from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, majoring in Medical Biology with minors in Chemistry and Child/Adolescent Development. This will be my third year participating in Dance Marathon, previously participating as a Dancer. This organization has truly captured my heart and inspired me to make a difference. I am beyond excited to be apart of this years executive team and plan the best 24 hours of the year with my lovely co-chair. My favorite part of Dakotathon is spending the day with the cutest kids on earth, while seeing the endless smiles, joy, and hope Dakotathon brings to everyone involved. I dance for all the children that continue to fight each and every day, and all the children dancing with us in heaven.

Can’t wait to see everyone on April 21st! HAPPY DM!

Calli Hensley

Entertainment Co-Chair

Hey guys! My name is Calli Hensley and I am a Junior Nursing Major from Brandon, SD, and this year's Co- Entertainment Chair!  

This will be my 3rd year participating in Dakotathon.  Previously I have been a Dancer, Morale Captain, and this year I’m honored and excited to serve on the Exec board and get to plan the greatest 24-hrs of the year with my amazing Co- Chair.

Dakotathon is an incredibly humbling experience because for an entire 24hrs the miracle kids just get to be kids and we get to carry their burdens. When an entire campus bands together for a common cause, we are pretty unstoppable. I’m truly inspired by each Miracle family and I dance for all of them, and for the kiddos who are dancing in heaven.

See you April 21st!!

Michaela Goldammer

Dancer Recruitment Co-Chair

Howdy :) I am Michaela Goldammer and I am a junior Strategic Communications major from Sioux Falls South Dakota. This will be my third year participating in Dakotathon. When I started Dakotathon I only did it because Brooke Daane made me sign up. I didn't really understand what the organization was or what to expect. The “day of” my first year participating completely opened my eyes to how amazing this organization is and I haven't stopped talking about it since! Last year, my second year, I was selected to be a moral captain with Jacob Meyer. We worked so well together that they paired us up again this year as Co Recruitment Chairs. Words cannot describe how excited for April 21st I am, and to share my favorite organization with people that have yet to

experience what Dakotathon can do. My favorite quote I have come across is “The funds we raise make miracles for kids. The experience of raising these funds make miracles for us.” The mission to a million won't be easy but I am PUMPED to get to be apart of a team that is going to work hard to get there.

As always FTK ALL DM DAY.

Makayla Oligmueller

Family Relations Co-Chair

HEY THERE! My name is Makayla Oligmueller and I am a senior Nursing major from Rapid City, SD. This will be my fourth year participating in this wonderful organization! I started out with Dakotathon as a dancer and discovered the burning passion I had for the kids and their families which pushed me to continue on the next two years as a Morale Captain! And it doesn’t stop there, for this fourth year, I have the INCREDIBLE opportunity of moving further as the Co-Family Chair on the Executive Board. Each year my amazement of the pure JOY that the kids exude inspires me for my future endeavors as well as gearing all the excitement and passion towards planning the BIG DAY and spending the (not long enough) 24 hours with our miracle families. I dance for every single kid...the ones that dance with us, those dancing in heaven, and the kids who are currently fighting in the hopes that they will get to come dance with us one day too!

Whitney Barnes

Family Relations Co-Chair

Hello fellow dancers! My name is Whitney Barnes. I am from Rapid City, SD, and I am double majoring in Elementary and Special Education. This will be my fourth (but definitely not final) year participating in 

Dakotathon! I went from being a dancer, to a morale captain, to last year’s Co-Morale Chair, to this year’s Co-Family Chair!!

Words cannot express how much DM has impacted my life. I have met so many wonderful kids and families who continually put smiles on everyone’s faces, despite their struggles they have fought through. I dance for not only these kids and families, but for my cousin as well. She has had 3 brain surgeries in the last 3 years to remove tumors, and is thankfully back on her feet enjoying being a kid again.

Getting to help kids go back to just be kids again is truly a humbling experience. Come celebrate the strength of these families at our big event on April 21st!! I promise you will make memories you’ll always remember with kids you’ll never forget. HAPPY DM!!

Arielle Wolterman

High School Recruitment Co-Chair

Hello people! My name is Arielle Wolterman and I am a junior from Ida Grove, Iowa majoring in nursing and minoring in Communication Studies. My aspiring occupation is to become a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner.

I first started participating in Dakotathon as a dancer my freshman year and was a morale captain my sophomore year. I am very honored to be on Dakotathon Executive Board as High School Dance Marathon Co-Chair! Dakotathon has been the most rewarding experience of my college career. Being the light when everything else seems dark is a very humbling feeling, to know what I’m doing is making an impact on a child’s life. They inspire me to be a better person every day. I could not be more excited for what the next year brings! FTK!

Mathew Booth

High School Recruitment Co-Chair

Hello everyone! My name is Matthew Booth, and I am a junior from Pierre, South Dakota. I am majoring in Secondary History Education with a minor in Business Administration. I have participated in Dakotathon each year I have been at USD. My first year as a dancer and last year as a morale captain. This year I will be serving as one of the co high school dance marathon chairs! This organization has made such an immense impact on not only the amazing kids and families but everyone who has participated in it including myself! I dance for the same reason I’ve always danced- for more smiles because smiles make the world go round! Can’t wait for April! I’m already counting down the days!

Courtney Anderson

Hospitality Co-Chair 

Hello and Happy DM!! My name is Courtney Anderson and I am proud to serve as this year's Hospitality chair on Dakotathon’s 2017/2018 Executive Team! I am a senior from Sturgis, SD, studying Psychology and Art in the hopes of working toward a career in the field of Art Therapy.

After participating in Dakotathon as a dancer for two years in a row, I decided that my involvement with this life-changing organization needed to shift to a new level and I applied to be a morale captain! I am now lucky enough to be working alongside a group of students who are motivated to make a difference in the lives of miracle children across our community. I cannot wait to see what exciting and innovative ideas this team has in store for the BEST DAY OF THE YEAR!!

Dakotathon and the miracle children that join us on the Day Of, have inspired me to live everyday to the fullest and to dance FTK! I’ll see you on April 21st!

Daniel Howe

Logistics Chair

Hello! My name is Daniel Howe and I have the privilege of serving as this year’s Logistics Chair on the Executive Board! This will by my third year participating in Dakotathon, having previously been a dancer and on the Logistics Crew.


I am a senior from Elk Point, SD studying Business Administration here at USD. Dakotathon is such an amazing organization that I have loved since the first year that participated. Being surrounded by students committed to the same great purpose as you are is a tremendous experience. It is incredible knowing that you’re making a difference in the lives of the miracle children and their families. I dance for more infectious smiles and laughter from those wonderful kids. I hope that everyone is excited for April 21st as I am.



Rush Milne

Alumni Chair

Hey all! My name is Rush Milne, and I am a senior from Madison, South Dakota. I am majoring in Strategic Communication with a minor in Business Administration. I have participated in Dakotathon each year that I have attended USD - first as a Dancer, then as a Morale Captain, and last year as the Co-Entertainment Chair. This year I will be serving as the Alumni Chair! There are so many incredible miracle kids and families that are impacted by our organization, and I can’t wait to get them back on campus. I dance so these kids can forget about the struggles they have been through, or are currently going through, and just enjoy being kids for the day! See you in April for the best day of the year! HAPPY DM!