April 20, 2024


Download the DonorDrive App

  1. Download Donor Drive App and log in 

  2. Search “Dance Marathon”

  3. Select Dakotathon 2024

Create a Facebook Fundraiser

Open the DonorDrive app and follow the steps below to create a Facebook fundraiser and reach your family and friends!

1. Update your story. Explain why you joined Dakotathon! 

2. Tap "Fundraising." This will take you to all of the "shortcuts" of Dakotahon Fundraising. 

3. Make a Facebook Fundraiser. This will redirect you to Facebook where you will follow the prompts until completed. 

Create or Join a Team

Interested in creating or joining a team for Dakotathon? Contact Ellen.Mallory@coyotes.usd.edu.